Meet Marianne and Robbie

Robbie Mortillaro is from Penfield, NY and started tinkering, creating and retooling things around his house as soon as he could walk. An artist at heart, he got his Masters in Fabrication while working full time as a luthier (Not a “lumineer” as Marianne repeatedly told people when she first met him). A luthier is someone who builds or repairs musical instruments. He studied under Doug Unger and Dave Nichols using those skills to be Bernunzio’s Uptown Music’s main repairman. He is now a full time stay at home parent and works in his beloved shop during his daughter’s nap time.

Marianne Sierk is from Chili, NY and started doing stand up comedy in NYC in 2000 after getting a degree in theatre from Syracuse University. She loved travelling the country doing stand up at colleges and clubs as well as acting in commercials and comedy shorts. She moved to LA and did a handful of stand up comedy/comic commentary shows on VH1, MTV, Bravo and Comedy Central. She moved to Rochester in 2013 to do a morning radio show which is where her and Robbie’s story begins!

The two met from a mutual friend’s introduction and they began dating soon after. They got married, had a little one and moved to Baltimore, MD where Marianne now co-hosts an afternoon radio show. They fell in love with this 1950’s ranch as soon as they stepped foot inside and can’t wait to renovate it into the dream home they know it can be. Stay tuned for all the fun updates!

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