After renting apartments all my life it’s easy to say I’m VERY comfortable calling the landowner or Super when things go wrong. Robbie, on the other hand is a true DIY’er. If a faucet is leaking or the ceiling starts to crack his first instinct is to grab his tool belt and run to the hardware store to fix it. It took me a while to get into his way of thinking now that I’m a homeowner. I’d have the phone in my hand ready to call someone then slowly realize….there’s no one to call. I have to fix it. BOOOO!!!

Also not running to the store to BUY what I need for the house has been another challenge for me. Robbie is the type of person that re-uses and repurposes things before considering buying a new product. I love this way of doing things but it takes way more patience and compromise AND WHO WANTS TO COMPROMISE??? Yes you can “one click Amazon” that perfect shelf to your house in a matter of hours but maybe go through the back yard and you’ll see some wood you can use instead? Reduce reuse recycle right?

That being said here are some shelves we made out of wood Robbie found in the attic – he cleaned them up and stained them then cut them all the same size….

I found black brackets for 75 cents at IKEA and painted them gold.

The finished (almost) product! Still have to find artwork for the center but the shelves turned out great!

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Marianne and Robbie are a couple of DIY'ers that love sharing what they do to their new house. Robbie has his masters in Fabrication from RIT and Marianne is a comedian and radio show personality who obsessively reads blogs and watches tutorials on DIY home renovation projects. Together they're a creative SUPER TEAM! With a focus on Bohemian and Mid Century Modern decor they always try to add some fun and whimsy to their creations. They also want to encourage people to think outside the box and try things on your own! Join them in their journey!


  1. You could use an old ceiling fan blade set for the center. Paint it how you want it. Just a thought. They are gorgeous shelves. I’m thinking a POP of color in the middle!


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