Cool Rainbow Summer Treats

Rainbow Squares…. Stained Glass…. Whatever you call them they’re always a hit! These treats are easy to make but by no means quick! It takes about 4 hours because each layer has to individually set in the fridge before adding the next layer- so put a movie on and have a timer ready! Ingredients: AContinue reading “Cool Rainbow Summer Treats”

How to Build a Path Of YOUR DREAMS

I wanted to title this “How to Easily Build the Path of Your Dreams” but I didn’t want to lie with the word “easily”. There really is nothing easy about building a path unless you hire people and watch them do the work. We have now created three paths in our backyard one was easierContinue reading “How to Build a Path Of YOUR DREAMS”

How to Build Custom Picture Frames WITH NO POWER TOOLS!

I’ve been so excited to hang this cute print I got from illustrator/artist Jessica Love. It’s a moment from one of our favorite children’s books “Julian is a Mermaid”. If you haven’t read it to your child you’re missing ouuuuut! Pick up a copy here Once we got our print we realized it would beContinue reading “How to Build Custom Picture Frames WITH NO POWER TOOLS!”