6 Tips For Thrifting Amazing Treasures

I’m not sure if I’m weird or if there are others out there like me but I like changing up my home decor every few months. I also fry up bugs and eat them for dinner – am I weird NOW??? JK!! I don’t eat bugs. I name them then scoop them into jars and release them into the wild like every other normal person out there. Buttttt seriously folks I do change things around in my house A LOT. If you don’t believe me check out our INSTAGRAM PAGE !! I’m a big fan of moving the furniture and changing the artwork and linens to make it feel like I’ve moved to a new house even though I have gone nowhere. In order to sustain this exorbitant lifestyle I gotta thrift my decor. I don’t have the budget to buy new every few weeks and that would be irresponsible for the planet – and like I said I name and save bugs so that’s obviously on the top of my list.

You may be wary of thrift stores because ewwwww other people’s stuff! Gross! I get it – NOW MORE THAN EVER. Its’ 2020 and there’s a pandemic so germs and “other people” can feel scary and possibly deadly but there are ways to make sure you’re bringing home the cute decor and not a virus or bed bugs. More on that later! Let me give you a few tips to help you navigate your way through the world of thrifting and soon you’ll be dumpster diving for pillowcases like me!


The patterns and colors in vintage bedding are impossible to find in current home store selections. When I find a full set of sheets with no tears or big stains I snatch them up either for our house or to sell in our ETSY SHOP. Whenever you buy pillow cases, sheets, blankets or even clothes from a thrift store I suggest you put them in a plastic bag, tie it up and leave it outside until you can soak it in the tub or bucket over night in a sanitizing solution. I used a scoop of Oxi-clean, a dab of laundry detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in hot hot water. I soak everything over night or at least 6-8 hours. After that I wash them in a sanitizing cycle in my machine or regular wash with hot water. Not only does this make me feel better about possible bed bugs or other unwanted critters I feel like it washes away all the vibes from the previous owner. The last thing I want is to start dreaming their dreams – I need my time with Blake Shelton! This sanitizing routine also refreshes the fabric and usually knocks any discoloration or stain that lingers. Now you’re ready to use with no worries! I love the soft, worn in feel they usually have. If you buy decorative pillows for your couch or the top of your bedding make sure they’re removable from the pillow form so you can wash it and use your own form.


With vintage artwork or decor always flip them over and look for signatures, dates, stamps or any defining markings that gives you a clue of its origin. If you’re flipping/reselling this will help with pricing. If it’s just for your house then you may not care as much what it actually is as long as it suits the decor in your house. I’ve been using Google Lens to identify pieces that I’m not sure about. It’s hit or miss but it can help if you’re really not sure about a piece. You can also google “Vintage blue vase with peacock” or something descriptive like that and you may get some images that are similar. It helps ID what you have if you’re looking to re-sell.

3.Choose a Theme and Stick To It!

“I’m here for Neutral Farmhouse decor ONLY” “I’m here for vintage dresses ONLY” “Today I’m here for lime green, 1960’s Christmas gnomes ONLY”. Listen. It doesn’t matter WHAT you’re looking for as long as you’re clear about it before you go into the store! If money and space is no object go in with an empty, open mind and have at it but if you’re like me there are limits to the storage in my home. When you have a goal or theme it makes your trip more fun and less stressful. On my vintage dress treasure hunt days I find clothes for myself all the time. It’s easy to pass them up though when I remind myself what the goal is for the day. I’ve never regretted leaving a piece of clothing and I can say I have regretted buying a few impulse pieces. The good news is even if you buy something you ultimately don’t want you know you didn’t spend more than a few dollars on it so it’s a good, inexpensive lesson for you. So remember to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before getting overwhelmed!

4. Be Consistent

If you REALLY want to find the good stuff I’ve found you have to go thrifting often and on the right days. The middle of the week is great because it’s slower and they usually re-stock. Ever thrift shop has a sale day or offers coupons so get familiar with your favorite shops “Games” and play! My Savers has a customer appreciation 25% off day twice a week and offers $2 off coupons if you fill out a survey. These things add up. Or….take away…you know what I mean. Play the games!

5.Fill Your Cart

Here’s a method I use and have found really helps. I get a cart (And sanitiiiiize) and put everything in that I think I may want. Load that sucker UP! Thrift stores have only one of everything so it’s better to grab whatever catches your eye and edit the cart at the end of your trip. When I’m done I take a look through the cart and put everything that doesn’t fit my “theme” for the day right back to the shelf. This also gives my friends time to text me back “Yes I want that!” Or “No thanks” after I’ve sent them pictures of things I see that they may like. Usually they forget what I bought for them and they make the best, most unique Christmas and Birthday gifts!

6. Size Matters!

I learned the hard way that furniture is super hard to transport. Clothes and little trinkets are certainly easy to take home but make sure a furniture piece can fit in your car and makes sense in your space before having someone drag it over to the registers.

Okay! Those are the 6 quick tips off the top of my head for becoming a thrifting MASTER! I guess this last piece of advice would be number 7 but who’s counting – my last tip is to chill out! If you miss your normal day or haven’t gone in month don’t worry! The Thrifting Goddess will give you exactly what you’re looking for. And enjoy it! It’s a fun, low stress, modern-day treasure hunt that only costs a few bucks and gives you’re house a unique, special feel!


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