How to Build Custom Picture Frames WITH NO POWER TOOLS!

I’ve been so excited to hang this cute print I got from illustrator/artist Jessica Love. It’s a moment from one of our favorite children’s books “Julian is a Mermaid”. If you haven’t read it to your child you’re missing ouuuuut! Pick up a copy here

Once we got our print we realized it would be tricky to find a frame from the usual stores as it’s a unique size. Getting a print custom made can run you $150-$200 with a coupon so Robbie is going to share his method for making a custom frame for under $20 with no power tools. This can be done in a small apartment with minimal mess and supplies! Here’s the quick video showing the process and below are links to the stuff we used as well as how to figure out how to measure the frame before cutting it.

You really don’t need a lot to make a frame especially “Robbie’s way” which uses a self-made box to hold the frame in place while the glue dries. I suppose you could staple instead of this method but this prevents the glue from coming undone so you don’t have to rely on any other staples or methods to keep them together. And remember – once you have these things you can make tons of frames! The wood we used for the frames was in the hardwood section at any hardware store. We chose poplar because it was so affordable but get whatever looks good for you! The backing was out of project board but as Robbie said in the video you can use foam core or poster board. Anything to make it straight. We have a blog coming soon explaining how to properly measure your print so you know where to cut the wood for the frame. Soon….soon……SOOOOOON!!!

Titebond Glue:

Spray Adhesive:

Ratchet Tie down:

Hand Saw:

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