How We Made a $60 Mirror Look Like A Million Bucks

Look. We love West Elm just as much as you do but unless there’s a blow out clearance sale and we have the employee discount coupled with a promo code – we can’t afford to decorate our house with their stuff. So we like to see what they sell and copy it best we can for CHEAP! And you can too. You will need spray paint and a Robbie. If you can’t find Robbie just the spray paint will do. Here’s what we did!

Here’s the beauty from West Elm that we were drooling over. After shipping it was about $300. We couldn’t find broze or gold large round mirrors for under $100 anywhere so……
Robbie found this silver 36 inch-er on Ebay. We couldn’t find a pretty broze one bc apparently that’s what EVERYONE wants so we got out our trusty spray paint and told our three year old she could help.
Cover the mirror with paper and tape
Lightly sand so the paint has something to grab onto
Spray lightly – a couple of coats in big back and forth motions. Keep each coat light. It’s best to go back and add another light coat then to deal with heavy clumps
Let it dry thoroughly! Don’t be impatient!
Voila! She’s done and ready to hang
Now we need a pretty MCM console table….to buy or make one?