Changing Our Vanity From Blah to Boho

We had to remove the old one, clean the mold off the walls and replace it with something that’s a little more our style. Vanities at the big box stores didn’t seem to have the look we wanted. They were cheaply made and too expensive so after some deliberation I decided to make our own.Continue reading “Changing Our Vanity From Blah to Boho”

How to Make a Fire Pit That Gets You Hot

Robbie and I have always lived in apartments or houses that have teeny tiny backyards so having this much space behind our house has been a really fun challenge. We dug a little temporary pit right off the deck but realized we didn’t want the fire pit to be the main focal point of theContinue reading “How to Make a Fire Pit That Gets You Hot”

Make An Old Desk Look Cool Again!

Seems like everyone had one of these desks in the 70’s or 80’s right? With the antique hardware and orangey tinted wood it didn’t fit our Mid Century Modern-Boho-Unicorn vibe soooo……let’s hit up Home Depot and Amazon! I grabbed some spray paint I thought would look good next to my peach, clearance Ikea curtains andContinue reading “Make An Old Desk Look Cool Again!”

Landscaping an Ugly Corner of the Yard

I cleared the branches away and burned them Next I cleared out a lot of the concrete chunks and started edging a bigger area to make a prettier shape. Wait a minute these concrete chunks sort of look like rocks….I’ll use them! After edging I lined the concrete chunks up as a border – free!Continue reading “Landscaping an Ugly Corner of the Yard”

So What’s a Berm Again?

“What’s a berm?” “Why are you building that?” “What’s the reason again?” These are some of the questions I get when I tell people we’re taking dirt from the back yard and walking it in a wheelbarrow to the front yard to build a berm. Here’s our house “Before” AND AFTER! This is the areaContinue reading “So What’s a Berm Again?”


After renting apartments all my life it’s easy to say I’m VERY comfortable calling the landowner or Super when things go wrong. Robbie, on the other hand is a true DIY’er. If a faucet is leaking or the ceiling starts to crack his first instinct is to grab his tool belt and run to theContinue reading “HOW WE MADE BEAUTIFUL SHELVES FOR $6”

From Thrift to Boutique! How We Quickly Cleaned These Barstools To Look Fabulous

I ALMOST missed these beauties at Savers because they looked so dingy but Robbie spotted them on our way out. They were the right height for a bar we want to make in our dining room. Even though the bar doesn’t exist yet we knew at $20 each they were too good to pass up!Continue reading “From Thrift to Boutique! How We Quickly Cleaned These Barstools To Look Fabulous”